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lobloo Mens Underwear Supporter

lobloo Mens Underwear Supporter

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The lobloo support underwear is an entirely reversed version of the jock shorts that are common in the market, for instead of putting the cup in a pocket, you put your package in a pocket. The inside mesh pocket will keep everything in place and safely inside your lobloo genital protection of choice which you wear on top of this undergarment.

The undergarment has additional padding especially fitted for the lobloo gear, both for comfort and added protection. In the crotch area, where the cup sits against the body, extra padding is added for even further protection upon impact. There is also extra padding where the support straps of the patented fitting system are placed.

In short, this heightens your lobloo experience even further by adding more protection and more comfort than before.

  • Tailored for movement – Support underwear is worn closest to the body. The mesh pocket keeps everything in place and inside the cup.
  • Designed for comfort – Where the support bands go you have extra padding for increased comfort.
  • Supreme breathability – The mesh interior pocket keeps the genitals in place, avoiding skin on skin contact, making the airflow freely. No distractions.
  • Main Fabric: Polyester and Elastane
  • Mesh fabric: Polyester and Spandex
  • Padding: Neoprene
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