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lobloo SLICK Professional Dual Density Mouth Guard

lobloo SLICK Professional Dual Density Mouth Guard

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The SLICK is the thinnest mouth guard on the market while also offering the best protection. It’s a state-of-the-art boil and bite, dual-density dental protection. It has a rigid and hard outer layer that takes the heavy impact and offers superior force re-distribution making blows dissipate over a larger area.

The interior molding material is dental-grade and created by our own lab. When boiled and bitten you shape it for an extreme fit. Making it stick in your mouth and stay in place to protect your teeth. The slim design and tight fit will let you breathe freely, drink, and talk unhindered. 

  • Superior force distribution – Slick’s dental grade mold material ensures maximum contact with your teeth and gums, spreading impact forces evenly
  • Super-slim design – Slick’s perfect fit gives maximum protection with a bare minimum amount of material. Breathe, drink and talk – you might even forget that it’s there.
  • Superior strength – Slick has considerably tougher than conventional mouthguard material, the outer layer dissipates impact forces across a large area
  • Stays in shape – Slick’s rigid outer layer and dental grade mold material keep the perfect fit until you refit it.
  • Boil to refit – You can boil and bite again to change the fit if needed.
  • Only food-grade materials – Slick is free from BPA, latex and phthalates
  • Designed and tested by pro-athletes - Slick was developed by Lobloo’s team of Olympic wrestlers and trialed by a test panel of elite athletes from different fields.
  • One size (+10 yrs)
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