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lobloo PRO-FIT Dual-Density Mouthguard

lobloo PRO-FIT Dual-Density Mouthguard

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The slimmest boil-and-bite mouthguard ever made

lobloo’s latest mouthguard, PRO-FIT is, together with lobloo SLICK, the world's slimmest boil-and-bite mouthguard. PRO-FIT features a ridged inner moulding material that through our vacuum technique is pushed around your teeth for an even tighter fit. And, as with SLICK, a slim but rigid outer material offers superior protection by spreading impact forces across a large area.

The result is a mouthguard that virtually fuses with your upper jaw, providing optimal protection whilst allowing easy breathing, drinking and talking.

  • Superior force distribution—dental-grade mould material ensures maximum contact with your teeth and gums, spreading impact forces evenly
  • Super-slim design—a perfect fit provides maximum protection with a bare minimum amount of material. Breathe, drink and talk—you might even forget that it’s there
  • Superior strength—considerably tougher than conventional mouthguards
  • Stays in shape—the rigid outer layer and dental grade mould material keep the perfect fit over time
  • Boil to refit—easy to adjust to your preference
  • Only food-grade materials—free from BPA, latex and phthalates
  • Designed and tested by pro athletes—developed by lobloo’s team
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