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Fortress T1 Fastwraps

Fortress T1 Fastwraps

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Evolving on previous releases, the T1 features a stabilizing rear hand support splint, encouraging correct form and improved wrist support. Lightweight and responsive, it’s designed to help users get the most from their power and athleticism. The T1 model enables faster application than ever before with new 1 meter or 2 meter compression wrap options as standard. The T1’s improved design features make the T1 our greatest Fastwrap to date.

  • FASTER THAN EVER. 10 second application. Fully opening Velcro body for instant hand insertion and removal, as well as 3 in 1 knuckle strap feature and semi attachable 1m compression wrap.
  • IMPROVED WRIST SUPPORT. Unlike previous models the T1s new patent pending design incorporates supportive splints to the rear of the hand and wrist. The splits run from the base of the knuckles down past the wrist – bridging the joint, adding increased wrist support.
  • CORRECT FORM. Semi rigid splits running the length of the hand and wrist encourage the user to align the fist correctly to the wrist. Promoting good form and aiding the prevention of injuries.
  • LIGHTER THAN EVER. Simplification of the design, removal of unnecessary material and compression wraps just 1m long, the T1 is the lightest premium Fastwarp to date.
  • 100% BREATHABLE. Not entirely new but we have reintroduced the TF8 3D spacer fabric as the primary fabric due to its incredible breath-ability and impact resistance.
  • MORE ROBUST. Fewer moving parts, improved construction and design have resulted in a longer lasting more robust product.

Includes (as standard)

  • 1x pair of T1 Fastwraps
  • 1x pair - 1m compression (black)
  • Wash Bag
  • User Guide / instructions
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