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  • Bad Boy Oss Grappling Shorts

    The Bad Boy Training Range is designed to help fighters and athletes enhance their workout performances and recover faster. Compression fiber, fast drying fabric, 4D material, flat seams or ergonomic construction.

    Each Bad Boy Training piece is engineered to help you outperform each training level.

    How? By easing the sweat evacuation through the outer surface where it is quickly evaporated, so you stay cool, dry and light. By providing optimal pressure on your muscles for enhanced support and significant reduction of stressful muscular vibrations. By bringing more oxygen to your muscles and limiting lactic acid production for faster recovery. By avoiding any discomfort to make you focus on your goal.

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  • Kingz KGZ Competition Shorts

    Our KGZ Grappling Shorts were incredibly popular… but our competitive customers wanted something a bit more customized. So we developed our KGZ Competition Shorts, designed with a shorter hemline for increased range of movement on the mat!

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  • Kingz Crown Competition Shorts

    We know that the competitive jiu jitsu athlete has specific apparel and gear needs… so we developed our new Crown Competition Shorts. Featuring the same durable construction and premium materials we use in our regular grappling shorts, with a new shorter hemline, for increased range of movement!

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  • Tatami Womens IBJJF Rank Shorts

    The Tatami Fightwear IBJJF shorts are made from a super soft flexible 100% polyester material, built specifically for grapplers. The waistband features a rubberised grip, elasticated rear and drawstring closure. As an added bonus the waist band features anti-pilling velcro closure, which prevents against pilling when rubbed against polyester material.

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  • Kingz KGZ Grappling Shorts

    The Kingz KGZ Grappling Shorts represent the original development in the Kingz fight shorts line, made from the latest in athletic fabric technology, and designed to look sleek and sharp on the mat.

    The KGZ Grappling Shorts are made from super soft and flexible 100% polyester fabric, allowing full range of movement, and the rubberised grip waistband with elastic back and drawstring closure creates a secure fit that won’t ride up. The closure also features anti-pulling velcro, which prevents it from abrading the polyester material or your rash guard. They are minimally styled, featuring “Kingz” outlined in white along the right leg, and the iconic “KGZ” crown logo outlined on the left leg.

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