Training Mask VENT Filtration Trainer

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  • 99.36% Replaceable Filters (Comes with 10 Filters in box)
  • Breathing training will elevate your fitness, stamina, and endurance by increasing your capacity for high intensity exercise.
  • Features 6 on-the-fly dialable resistance zones using the all new state of the art Respurity air flow system to push your fitness harder so you can get in shape faster.
  • Helps protect your lungs in unsafe air conditions featuring our multiple levels of carbon activated filtration.
  • Features a cryotech heat dissipating – moisture wick one-size-fits all sleeve for optimal form fitting comfort, (10) Carbon Activated Respurity Filters, Expanded User’s Manual.
  • During exercise you will increase the amount of air you breathe from 12 liters of air per minute, to as much as 100 liters of air per minute meaning that you are exposing your fully open lungs to far more pollutants or allergens in polluted, dusty, or high allergen areas.
  • VENT’s filters have been tested at Nelson Laboratories to insure peak performance.

PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Hygiene we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for Training Masks. Once packaging has been unsealed NO returns or exchanges can take place.

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