lobloo AEROFIT Kid Boys Professional Athletic Groin Cup

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  • Patented Ergonomics – Aerofit has an ergonomic design that follows your every move for 100% protection all the time.
  • Unrestricted movement – Aerofit’s lightweight and shaped to free your inner thighs. Move as swift and free as if you had no cup at all.
  • Superior comfort – Aerofit’s soft removable silicone lining and the lobloo fitting system will make you forget it’s there.
  • Superior stability – Aerofit’s keeled design keeps the cup centered and stable.
  • Prevents whipping – Aerofit stays snuggly in place, preventing whipping on impact.
  • One-time setup – Fit your Aerofit once and it will stay perfectly adjusted throughout and in between sessions.
  • Superior hygiene – Aerofit’s smooth design prevents a build-up of bacteria and all of it is machine-washable.

Your lobloo package includes:

  • Aerofit cup, Kid/Youth size, age 7-12
  • Waistband
  • Leg straps
  • Mesh bag for storage and washing

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Kid (7-12 yrs)



PC (polycarbonate)