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  • Bad Boy Ear Guard

    The Bad Boy Ear Guard is designed with strengthened plastic ear cups and ultra soft cotton interior fabric to deliver the perfect balance between high protection and comfort.

    Its smooth exterior lining minimizes the abrasion and painful chafing sensation, which could bother your training partner, improving your fighting experiences

    Engineered for MMA, Grappling and BJJ training, the Bad Boy Ear Guard features specific holes in order to ease the listening of your coach advices and requests.

    Its fully adjustable 3 straps protection system offers optimal adjustability for a secure coverage, ensuring minimal movements during groundwork.

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  • Cliff Keen Fusion Ear Guard

    The Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear™ combines all of the favorite features of other top-selling Cliff Keen ear guards, and delivers the most comfortable and protective ear guard for wrestlers!  The Fusion Headgear’s™ uniquely engineered 3-Strap design provides for a secure and comfortable fit.  The future of headgear is now!

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  • Cliff Keen Youth Signature Head Guard

    The Youth Signature Head Gear features a new uniquely engineered foam padding designed specifically for the abuse of elite youth wrestlers while keeping the features that make the Signature Headgear a classic. Hit the mat in style, comfort and safety with the new Youth Signature Headgear.

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  • Cliff Keen Signature Ear Guard

    The popular “Cliff Keen Signature™” 4-strap FOAM headgear is based on the revolutionary design of the original foam E41 that Cliff Keen patented over 50 years ago. The “Signature’s” VNF foam boasts these same qualities that make it the best-selling ear guard of all time: Lightweight, more comfortable fit and greatly reduced friction on the mat. Fully adjustable. SP94 chin strap pad included. Can be adjusted to fit youth sizes too.

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