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  • Cleto Reyes Body Trainer Protector

    Gives a full body coverage made from genuine leather, stitched and reinforced steams to provide long durability. The multiples layers of foam are great for punch absorbency, is designed to support round by round. This full body equipment features a lightweight material and adjustable velcro buckles for an easier and secure adjustment and movement during training. The anatomical design is pre-curved and forms the best adjustment of your body. Perfect for heavy workouts, the best body trainer protector for you to feel secure while getting all the punches. Take the challenge of trying different boxing equipment while training. Perfect for training your punches with the help of your trainer.

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  • Fairtex TV1 Trainers Protective Vest

    Fairtex TV1 Trainers Protective Vest is designed for punches, hooks, foot jabs, knees and combination drills with front and side white hitting targets.

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