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  • UFC Venum Authentic Fight Week Performance Spats

    The Venum Fight Week performance tights are ultra-durable and provide “second skin” support thanks to the optimal muscular compression provided by its elastic fabric. The Fight Week collection is the range worn by fighters during the week before their fights. Composed of Dry-Tech t-shirts, Fightshorts, compression shorts, and tracksuits.

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  • Bad Boy X-Train Compression Spats

    The Bad Boy X-Train Compression Spats offer a breathable comprehensive support and natural range of motion when you workout.

    Built with a lightweight fabric, these Bad Boy Spats also feature mesh panels to perfectly manage body temperature in high-heat zones.

    The 4-way compressive fabric locks and holds your active muscles to reduce their vibration during high-intensity training. Less stressed, your muscles are able to deploy more power for a much longer period, without risking injury.

    Thanks to the targeted pressure on quads and calves, the Bad Boy X-Train Compression Tights helps to improve blood circulation, reducing your recovery time.

    Made with ergonomic seams, elastic waist and sweat-wicking fabric, the Bad Boy X-Train Tights ensure unparalleled comfort and help you to stay dry as you train.

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  • Bad Boy Oss Grappling Spats

    The Bad Boy Oss Grappling Spats are perfect for your next competition. The OSS Spats are perfect companion for BJJ, No-Gi, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling and fitness activities.

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  • Kingz KGZ Womens Spats

    We know the women in our community can’t just wear any spats, so we worked hard to design our KGZ Women’s Grappling Spats, featuring a new ergonomic construction, specially made with the female athlete in mind, and the best polyester/spandex material to deliver unparalleled comfort and fit, no matter what!

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  • Kingz KGZ Grappling Spats

    As grapplers, we know the importance of a great fitting pair of spats. We can’t be smashing past guards and berimbolo’ing when we’re worried about our spats slipping out of place. So, in response to customer demand, we developed our new KGZ Grappling Spats, made from the highest quality polyester/spandex material and featuring a brand new ergonomic design that moves with you… no matter what crazy position you’re in.

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