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  • Venum Challenger Youth Mouth Guard

    Venum offers the best child dental protection: the Challenger Kids Mouthgard !

    Especially design to practice fight sports safely, the Venum Challenger Kids mouthguards dispose of a large gel frame and an high density rubber frame to ensure a maximal protection to the future champ’ !

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  • Venum Signature Fight Shorts

    Created with 100% polyester and solidly reinforced seems throughout, these MMA shorts will withstand even your toughest fights. For improved comfort, a lycra insert at the crotch provides optimal control of body heat.

    The Signature Fightshort is equipped with a non-abrasive Velcro closure system and an elastic waistband at the waist for an effective and precise fit. All designs have been sublimated onto the fabric for longer life, wash after wash.

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  • Venum NoGi 2.0 Fight Shorts

    Lightweight and resistant, the Venum NoGi 2.0 Fight Shorts will help you to improve your performance. Thanks to the lycra inserts on the sides and the side slits too, this short will bring you an optimum moisture regulation system as well as a maximum mobility that will allow you to surpass yourself during your trainings and your fights. This shorts also gives you more style thanks to the sublimation printed design. An internal key pocket allows you to keep handy your mouthguard.

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  • Venum Giant Muay Thai Shorts

    Venum Giant Muay Thai Short : get the mind of a giant!

    It’s time to stop the half measured training sessions! Work harder than everyone else. Sweat more. Train longer, faster. Follow the only path to greatness : the rough one. And finally, get the mind of a giant.

    Choose the authentic warrior style!

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  • Venum Signature Youth Fight Shorts

    Venum Signature Youth Fight Shorts are 100% polyester, and will withstand all your child’s fights. In addition, all the seams have been solidly reinforced.

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  • Venum Kontact Evo Foot Grips

    The Venum “Kontact Evo” foot grips are designed to enhance your footwork speed and agility by improving your ground bearing.

    Thanks to their 3D embossed grip, these technical foot grips will help you to increase your takedown and sprawl techniques with unmatched mat traction. More stable, you will be able to deploy all your power with strong and dynamic kicks.

    Featuring slip-on design, the Venum “Kontact Evo” foot grips ensure a perfect coverage of your ankle, malleolus, Achilles tendon and instep for an optimal protection against minor injuries.

    Its Neoprene fabric shapes your ankle and accelerates your muscular warmp-up, decreasing the risk of sprain. Delivering an optimal management of the sweat escape, these Venum foot grips absorb perspiration and reduce the risk of slipping.

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  • Venum Impact Sparring MMA Gloves

    Venum Impact Sparring MMA Gloves : make them bite the dust.

    The MMA Venum Impact Gloves are the perfect alliance between neat esthetics and deadly efficiency.

    Hit with no doubt thanks to their great multi layer foam, specially designed to protect your joints while maximizing the impact.

    Train always more and accumulate the sparring sessions safely : the wrist protection and mobility are improved.

    Fight relentlessly and hit where it hurts. They will all collapse.

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  • Venum Impact MMA Gloves

    Our “Impact” MMA gloves are Handmade in Thailand.

    Main difference with the “Undisputed” MMA gloves is the material used, which is Skintex, an high grade synthetic leather.

    At least, the overall quality is just amazing and you’ll be seduced by the classy design and the handmade finish!

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  • Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

    Fully handmade in Thailand with 100% Skintex leather, our Venum Elite boxing gloves were designed to bring you the highest fighting experience at the best price with the finest quality.

    The Triple density foam balances the shock, improving you as a fighter without the stress on your arms whenever you make impact. The unique design and colors are fit for our fighters no matter what level you are.

    The reinforced seams and mesh panels combined with their ergonomic shape will bring you a comfortable fit and feel as if you are truly one with the glove. Each strike you make will ensure your opponent will feel the elite power of your punches.

    Packing in punches day in and day out is what an Elite fighter is all about!

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  • Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts

    Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts, exquisitely manufactured in Thailand, original homeland of Muay Thai. With each product handmade, they hold a true combination of comfort and style.

    The Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts has side slots that will offer you a wide range of movement without restriction.

    Its traditional elastic waistband will keep them well positioned around your waist with every powerful strike you make.

    Our Muay Thai Shorts have a great design, enhanced with colorful hand-stitched embroidery.

    Insist on quality, intricate design, and comfort by getting your very own pair of Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts!

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  • Venum Kontact Gel Glove Wraps

    Our “Kontact” gel glove wraps are one of our best-selling items: used and enthusiastically recommended by many fighters!

    A specific Gel Shock System™ is positioned at the carpals and the metacarpals of your hands in order to provide the greatest cushioning while the large hook-and-loop closure preventing twisting of the wrist.

    The elastic and neoprene construction with rubber palm takes comfort to a whole new level and insure you a secure grip.
    Wear under bag gloves and training gloves as a convenient and more protective alternative to handwraps, or wear alone for light bag work, mitts, speed bag, grappling and more.

    There are simply great for all ages and levels boxers! To try them is to adopt them!

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  • Venum Bangkok Inferno Youth Muay Thai Shorts

    Lightweight and durable, these shorts will help your child improve their Thai boxing performance.

    Thanks to its side slits, these shorts offer a remarkable mobility that will allow your child to excel during training and fights.

    Strong and lightweight, these Muay Thai shorts provide your child with optimal moisture regulation and a custom, slim fit.

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  • Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

    After two years of research and development, VENUM is proud to present our first professional boxing shoe.

    The Elite boxing shoes are the result of strategic research, development and collaboration between our product engineers and #TeamVenum boxing champions.

    Battle tested in training and live bouts, VENUM fighters Jorge Linares, Miguel Berchelt, and Juan Francisco Estrada have had the privilege of experiencing the support, stability and grip of the Venum Elite boxing shoe.

    Our goal was not to offer ‘just’ another boxing shoe, but the best product available on the market.

    The sole was one of the most intricate components to develop. Whilst necessary to combine characteristics such as lightness, strength, stability and grip, it had to provide explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly in any direction.

    Whilst including these dynamic qualities, the Venum boxing shoe had to offer comfort and protection to the wearer. The insole was designed to perfectly fit the plantar arch of the foot, without being too bulky or uncomfortable.

    Despite being a shoe optimized for the attacker, the Venum Elite allows the wearer to manage the distance thanks to the excellent lateral ankle support provided by its mid-cut silhouette. Defensive manoeuvres are handled with ease.

    To maximize comfort, the ”Honeycomb” mesh enables the foot to breathe during the most intense workouts, whilst being incredibly resistant and increasing the longevity of the shoe.

    Although performance was at the heart of the design, being a Venum product, style and design have not been forgotten.

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  • Venum Kontact Evo Shin Guards

    The Venum “Kontact Evo” shinguards have been engineered to flex and form naturally with the motion of your shin and your instep in order to provide the ultimate anatomical protection.

    Their flexible hinge – with elastic straps – fits comfortably to anyone of your positions and leg shapes delivering a secure maintain during intense action and enhanced mobility. Contouring your leg the Venum “Kontact Evo” shinguards acts as a second strong layer of skin, making them ultra versatile and adapted to wide range of combat sports: MMA, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo …

    Benefiting from a low-profile construction, the Venum “Kontact Evo” shinguards are designed with reinforced foam strategically placed, from your instep to the top of your shin. Delivering an optimal shield of your striking surface, the Venum “Kontact Evo” shinguards ensure superior protection during attack or defense phases.

    Open areas and mesh panels have been designed in order to facilitate the sweat escape and accelerate your body thermoregulation.

    Featuring 3D embossed grip, the Venum “Kontact Evo” shinguards will help you to increase your takedown and sprawl techniques with unmatched mat traction. More stable, you will be able to deploy all your power with strong and dynamic kicks.

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